Monday, March 21, 2011

Skeletonics, the Sketch-a-Graph exoskeleton from Japan

Sketch-a-Graph, I loved this 'technical drawing toy' when I was a kid - helped you copy drawings at a larger or smaller size than original, depended where you put the pencil and how you rigged up the linkages.

Anyway, someone else must also have been infatuated with this product, so much so that they've made A WHOLE EXOSKELETAL SUIT based on the principle. It's called SKELETONICS, it's from Japan and I can't wait to see this in The Olympic Games.

A small team of (Japanese) students who go by the name of Skeletonics set out to make a powered suit that would extend the movement of a humans arms n legs without the aid of any motors.

The project took 6 months to complete from conception and this is what they ended up with - a powered suit by the name of Skeletonics - hybrid word from Skeleton and Mechanics.

The whole suit is completely powered by human motion alone and is made from aluminum sheets and pipes.
[source DANNY CHOO]

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lkfen said...

Good Job! took sketch-a-graph to a whole new level.