Saturday, May 07, 2011

Black Sheep Galleries, Oxford - Julie Ann Scott - Deep Waters

there's a painting in the window of Black Sheep Galleries, Oxford on High Street that 'caught my eye' the other day. It's a 3ft by 3ft painting of Coy Carp. Not this bloggers usual horror art eye-candy but it caught my eye from right across the street. This has happened once before with the jet-engine blistered art of Lee Tyler.

Black Sheep Galleries does a really good job of filling that all-important front window with some stunning images. Julie Ann Scott's DEEP WATERS series image is just gorgeous. And it's not just a limited edition print with painterly overtouches. This one's an ORIGINAL.

The surface is a real pleasure, heavily laid on oil paint overlaid with a very thick and waterlike glaze. It's like you can see the backs of the carp breaking the surface from time to time. If you're in Oxford, and if you just happen to be walking down High Street, you can not miss this great artist's work in the window of Black Sheep Galleries.

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And just because I really like them, here's a couple of other Coy Carp paintings, this time from the DANCE OF LIGHT series, this time on sale via the Collector's Prints website.

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