Friday, May 27, 2011

Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 3 - heinous reveal


That's the song I remember from my yoof, and this reveal trailer for (Call of Duty) MODERN WARFARE 3 is exactly why I left the video games industry after twelve years of fun. Look at the effort poured into every loving execution and gorgeously rendered skyscraper demolition, every nuke in the centre of town, every train wreck. You basically have a generation of game-playing children being meticulously de-sensitized to the idea of urban warfare in THE CITIES WHERE YOU LIVE, like it's a done deal.

This is where our Corporate War propaganda hellscape is taking us, step by jack-booted step.

In 1984, ironically, Disney made a (for me) prophetic film called THE LAST STARFIGHTER where those who beat the High Score on an arcade game are conscripted into (galactic) war. And we all know I have a penchant for the theory that James Cameron's TERMINATORS don't have advanced A.I. controlling them but online gamers thinking they're 'playing some game' in 'some part of the rendered world'.

Watch out for your XBOX_live and PS_online accounts being stats-raided by your corporate governments come World War 3 CONSCRIPTION TIME.


muzuzuzus said...

how do you mean? You worked in the industry or your played their games?

OK, do you remember the M/C City M/C United football match a while ago? Well in the halftime they put this advert for Battlefield3, like this shit on, knowing they would be capturing a big young male audience. And in the blurb it had stuff like "UNNERVINGLY BEAUTIFUL" etc. I was so fukin disgusted it ruined my enjoyment of second half and I sent complaint to the BBC and they have taken it quite seriously and its ongoing. I have recently received a ltter from ad copmpaints place.

The last big football match I seen didn;t have any ad like that. So I think it really worthwhile to speak out against this evil shit like your doing!

Mike Philbin said...

I was a 3D artist/animator on titles like Medievil 1 & 2, Ghost Master and Simpsons PSP.


tangel476 said...

computer simulation of political
situation are unrealistic

Brady B. said...

Two of my cousins, who are brothers work for Activision, and have worked on the Call of Duty series for each of the installments. One is the one of the art directors (who recently won an award for Black Ops), the other designs the fire and explosions. I can tell you that they grew up in Christian homes, and are normal people just like the rest of us. However, as time goes on, I wonder to myself if they're the same people I used to know. At what point does the disconnect come? I don't understand how someone can dedicate their life to the realistic depiction of homicide. Fans always say that it's just fantasy, but if that were genuinely the case, then why make it all so darn realistic???

Mike Philbin said...

Brady B,

your observation of the MURDER GENERATION INDUSTRY is spot on. Yes, very talented, very normal, people work for all these great Corporate Entities like games companies, investment banks and the military.

It's the moral-code-shift of the NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT that turns ordinary crust-earners into complicit monsters.

Remember that the Nazi party has its roots in the Green Movement.


muzuzuzus said...

I surfed the TV channels a while back and came to this documentary where they were doing this experiment with a classroom full of kids who were about 12-13.
Half of them were playing violent video games and halef non violent. When they showed each group real footage of actual violence, the ones who had been playing the violent vids, their heart rate didn't go up!

In this test they also set up this experiment. They picked at random from each group a shild to go for ajn interview in a room. It was a gut sat at a desk, and placed near edge of the desk was a container full of pens. When the man was interviewing the boy on the other side of the desk, he would pretend to reach for a pen and knock the container and pens all over the floor. What they found was that the kids who'd been playing violent games hardly flinched and offered no help to help guy pick up pens, whereas the kids from other group did. This was showing that playing the violent vid games atrophies a sense of empathy.

Is it any wonder that young recuits in the military are trained with violent video games? It is to make them into unfeeling killing machines.

TheDeathbat said...

The game is not for children you ignorant moron.

Mike Philbin said...

Stunning naivete!

Mummies & daddies buy these war-simulator games for their spoiled kiddywids.

What's WRONG with you, Deathbat?

muzuzuzus said... dont think this also has an effect on adults?

Gageaz said...

So if you're so mad about this game being the war-porn it is than DON'T PLAY THE GAME, DON'T BUY THE GAME, and DON'T PAY ATTENTION TO THE GAME.

Your life could be so much better if you just ignored the things you don't like, but that makes too much sense! Let's be anal about it on the internet.

And Deathbat is right. The game is NOT for children. Just because parents buy them for their kids does NOT mean that they are for the children. Hell, if the parents are buying the games - and, I'm assuming that in this case they actually know what they're buying - they probably know that their kids can handle it.

Mike Philbin said...


I'm afraid you're wrong. I have witnessed the slow transformation of the games industry to (first) photo realistic (then) mostly war simulation product.

I'm afraid people are missing their INDOCTRINATION, that's why I do what I do.

In fact, both yourself and Deathbat can listen to your own advice and JUST STOP READING THIS BLOG.


muzuzuzus said...

See---thing is you two, I and others have to live in this world, and this world is FULL of voilence. I cannot believe even in MY lifetime how violence has for example increased amongst young men here in the UK. It is completely unbelieveable. Only today I hear of two young males hunted down in broad daylight and shot, one in the head and murdered. This was UNTHINKABLE even in about the late 80s!! But now it is becoming taken for granted.

So damn fukin right I am gonna challenge the kind of 'entertainment' the Illuminati matrix is pumpin out. You are V E R Y naive if you dont dig what is going on with this. If you get upset about us challenging this, well good--it means we are hitting a nerve.

Mike Philbin said...

September 2011 advertorial update...

dnafrequency said...

These games are sick sick sick just like the sick sick sick movies they put out. Take for example the movie Machete that had lines around the block to watch people being hacked up. Whether or not you watch the movies or play these games we are all being affected by them. The images and themes go into the subconscious and then into the super conscious. The super conscious connects us all. Wake up people...

Mike Philbin said...

thanks DNA,

surprise, surprise, sex-murderer Dutchman Vincent Tabak had videos of SEX MURDER on his computer.

Well learned, young murderer.

Learning is learning, no matter what the source -- every government tends to want to forget that.