Wednesday, July 20, 2011

is politics nothing more than a 'coat of many corporate colours'?

the more we read in the newspapers or watch on 24-hour TV of the scathing bi-partisan revelations of the Police, the Press and the Politicians, one has to wonder if we're watching nothing more than the ruthless in-fighting of CORPORATE (GLOBAL?) GOVERNANCE.

David Cameron was in a recalled Parliament this morning staunchly defending accusations about his employment of Andy Coulson in this fashion, "Let's allow the official public inquiry into Police, Press and Political collusion to go right back to Blair, Brown and Milliband." It is interesting that both Bush and Cameron have used the "Let us not be distracted by Conspiracy Theories," argument. And I have no idea why we should do that, in the sense that aren't conspiracy theories the basis of independent investigation into the Elected Government? Aren't 'conspiracy theories' the unspoken driving force behind abstracted mechanisms like THE STCOK EXCHANGE?

Very interesting points being made by Cameron about the STRANGLEHOLD ON THE BRITISH PSYCHE by the license-payer-funded British Broadcasting Corporation, a person who used to work for Carlton TV. Specifically in light of the BBC's early announcement of the collapse of Building 7 (the Saloman Brothers building) on 9/11.

What an insanely convoluted media circus is being woven.

Are we watching some form of bizarre and distracting Global Power Struggle from the new Obama/Cameron clan upon the old Bush/Blair clan? Are we about to witness 9/11 TRUTH and 7/7 TRUTH? Surely not, as that coup-tactic, that overthrow-manoeuvre, will blow THE GLOBAL (CORPORATE) INTELLIGENCE GAME out of the water.

I'm still aware that THERE ARE OTHER NEWSWORTHY ISSUES taking place in the big bad world today, and have to wonder what this saturated covering of the 'hacking scandal' is masking.


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