Sunday, August 07, 2011

The Bourne Dominion - Eric Van Lustbader - book review


it took Eric Van Lustbader SIX BOURNE BOOKS to finally own this series. And he certainly OWNS it now. It's weird, I almost abandoned this series based on the last couple of his Bourne books I'd tried to get interested in, as you'll see from my reviews of other Van Lustbader books in the Ludlum-originated series.

DOMINION, though I'm only half way through it, is a totally authentic piece of Bourne-ism but in a special way that doesn't seem to have any lingering allegiance to either the Ludlum literary version or the Hollywood trilogy version.

Bourne is now a proper adult franchise, driven by Van Lustbader's obvious interest in the seedier side of human nature. In this book, his prose openly revels in these sordid societal sources, and I'm finally not saying "Ludlum would write that better."

Of course an annoying CLUMSINESS wanders into Lustader's prose from time to time but it's far less intrusive in this novel, frankly because I think he's having too much fun enjoying the Bourne 'identity' and making it his own.

It's an amazing transformation from Van Lustbader's earlier stalling, jittering, loose stabs at the Bourne franchise. It's crisp. It's clean. It's rivetting. I can't wait for 'some Hollywood mogul' to see the pontential in this particualr book of the franchise as THE GREAT LAUNCHING PAD for Robert Ludlum's lineal Bourne successor, Eric Van Lustbader.

March 2012 update:
Just found out, Van Lustbader's THE BOURNE IMPERATIVE, his seventh book in the Bourne-continuation franchise, is due out in hardback this June 2012.

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