Monday, August 01, 2011

Free Planet - leave this world a better place.

This post has been inspired by the decidedly-surrealist art of Ilene Myers and I'm about to insert some of these visual concepts into some of the narrative threads of my YOU THE PEOPLE novel. And yes this has infinite relevance to my FINITE NUMBER OF SOULS post of this time last year.

The way CORPORATE GOVERNANCE is going, well since Roman Times in fact, we're about to finally destroy what we have here. We're going to ruin a beautiful and plentiful place with our GREED, our AMBITION. It's all about ego.

So, I thought, what better example of a way to LEAVE THIS WORLD A BETTER PLACE than to repopulate this planet with all the things we're now missing; the dodos, the bushwrens, the laughing owl and flying foxes among other species murdered in the name of human progress.

It's YOU THE PEOPLE (with the help of genetics) who will play the part of the wild animals. Remember, any NEW FRONTIER is fraught with danger and risk, and some people really get off on that shit. There are SEVEN BILLION OF YOU so there's plenty of you to go around and with the majority of you, there's a natural propensity to ADRENALINE ADDICTION which is perfect for where you're going to go. Soon, we will once again have huge herds of Human-Bison and Human-Gazelle roaming free in city-cleared countryside, hunted by Human-Lions and Human-Hyenas. Soon flocks of Human-Parakeets will share the de-planed skies with Human-Wrens and Human-Swallows.

Human-whales-dolphins-sharks-cod will repopulate the cleaned-up seas.

This world will be left a better place by this new species of GENETIC PIONEER and we will remember them for their participation in the re-wilding of Free Planet.

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