Saturday, August 20, 2011

Free Planet - third edition 70-page ebook - FOR FREE

here is the 70-page up-to-date third edition of the free FREE PLANET ebook. An all-in-one-place edition where you can read the posts on this blog specifically labeled FREE PLANET.

I put together the 70-page Free Planet (free) ebook to help awaken as many of 'You The People' as possible to the lie your Consumerist life has become. The things you've been taught to believe in from an early age. The way your 'preception of Earth' has been manipulated for someone else's gain, someone else's empire. Government, profit and money have had their day. They have failed us all, all living things are lying in ruin. People are beginning to see the sense of everything mankind can invent with his great brain being supplied by mankind, ethically-planet-friendly, for free. "Do right by Free Planet," is the one and only rule. Seven billion people are about to wake up and shuffle off the corporate choker chain. -- Mike Philbin, August 2011.

Click the FREE PLANET EBOOK cover to download your FREE EBOOK. Be the trail blazers, be the pioneeers, download it for free and share it with all your friends, neighbours and colleagues. Upload it to ANY FREE EBOOK distributors you know of. The revolution has to come from within all SEVEN BILLION of us.

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