Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ludicrous Diversion - the Inquiries Act June 7th 2005 - Mind The Gap

the majority of readers of Free Planet have heard of Muad Dib's 7/7 Ripple Effect but I've just seen this today, a British docmentary "LUDICROUS DIVERSION" that also took a stab at the contradictory evidence of the day of the July 7th 2005 London Bombings when it was released anonymously in 2006.

My main interest in this new (to me) documentary appears at the 21 minute mark, THE INQUIRIES ACT of June 7th 2005 which came into law exactly one month before 7/7 happened and seems to suggest THE EXECUTIVE cannot be IMPLICATED in Any Public Inquiry. That means Dr David Kelly. That means Iraq. That means the N.O.T.W. Phone Hacking.

Remember, none of these Public Inquiries are ever gonna find anyone at fault in government. There'll certainly be no evidence that might uncover either the 9-11 New York or the 7-7 London or the 11-3 Madrid bombing. No damning or implicating CCTV footage will ever be released. Ever. Of course, the police are more than willing to saturate our TVs with CCTV footage when it's in their interest, like in the recent London Riots.

And what if NATO had carried out 'key strategic strikes' on the UK Government during the London Riots, as they did in Libya while that country's assets and property were being wholesale trashed by its people, or Facebook 'operatives', or covert assets? It's the horse-has-bolted knee-jerk reaction from corporate government that harshly dealt with a Scouser around the time of 9-11 who quipped, "There's no bomb in my luggage," to customs officers. It's the same horse-has-bolted knee-jerk reaction from corporate government that puts two lads in jail for FOUR YEARS for posting something unfunny on Facebook.

And for further viewing related to 7/7, here's a documentary called MIND THE GAP (which I've also just forced myself to watch) from Mi5 whistleblower David Shayler who went to prison for passing Classified Documents about 'government collusion in IRA terror' to the press. Watch out for a lovely (posthumous) camoe by Robin Cook explaining the origin of the term 'Al Qaida'.

Because normal people like you and I are on the irrelevant side of the NEED TO KNOW game, we actually have no idea what all these TERRORIST (or ESPIONAGE) acts are/were but as time goes by it's looking more and more likely that they weren't (in fact) traditional terrorist (or espionage) acts at all. I want to know EXACTLY WHAT they were, and why are they being used on Home Soil.

And so should You, The People.

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