Thursday, October 13, 2011

Double your pleasure, double your fun - tougher custodial sentences will not stop austerity demonstrations

So, the prisons are FULL and the Judges are giving LONGER THAN USUAL custodial sentences to Londoners who looted during the riots in August?

Criminals who burgle shops or homes during any future riots will face longer behind bars under new sentencing guidelines.

For the first time, general public disorder has been added as an aggravating factor to the notes handed out to judges by the Sentencing Council.
It comes after judges were criticised for the tough punishments handed out following the August riots , with some claiming they were acting outside the established guidelines.
From next year the guideline sentence for aggravated burglary with a firearm or other weapon will rise from four years to nine years in jail, if it is connected to a riot.
Those guilty of domestic burglaries, usually attracting sentences of up to 26 weeks in jail, would face up to two years, and the top sentence for non-domestic burglaries would increase from 18 to 51 weeks in jail.
 [source YAHOONEWS]

Sounds like The Authorities have no idea how to deal with the REAL SOCIAL ISSUES that make people want to riot, as the Invading NATO Armies have no idea how to deal with the REAL SOCIAL ISSUES that make people become terrorists in their own (and foreign) countries.

Ya know?

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muzuzuzus said...

yeah the looting fukers them just make laws to help them carry on THEIR looting of the people who are supposed to just accept this tyranny.