Friday, February 17, 2012

Do Right by Free Planet - one unifying song.

DO RIGHT BY FREE PLANET is the mantra of this anti-corporate-war-global-awakening movement and it could be the driving force behind a brand new view of life on this planet. I've never expounded upon it before, it's just been a subtitular phrase for the Free Planet blog. But that time has come and You The People need to share what this mantra means for you and your Diversities, moving forward into a PROFIT-free world. Share this message with the world, "Do right by Free Planet," has arrived.

For far too many centuries, mankind has been a conquering race. Making war for asset and geopolitical advantage. But this ego-centric empire building legacy has given us nothing but a ruined rock orbiting a variable star we call our Sun.

For a FREE PLANET to truly work, there has to be a global shift from "the needs of industry" to "the needs of the planet" and our active role in that equation.

This can be achieved by adopting one simple mantra, one rule or, one unifying song, "Do right by free planet, and Free Planet will do right by you."


Your energy needs are catered for:
Geothermal, wind, solar, magnetic - you don't have to PAY for any of this.

Your manufacturing needs are catered for:
Resources are already accessible by the previous free energy clause.

Your intellectual needs are catered for:
You are free to study any branch of FACT you care to explore. There is no political wool pulled over the eyes, no agenda, no exploitation. Basically, whatever you set as a worthy goal (keeping in mind the ONLY rule) is totally acceptable. It's your world, after all. Your life. Your challenge.

You don't need PROFIT:
Growth is a made-up concept. How can you put a bottom-end on your valued participation in the human arc?

You don't need to work to live:
Slavery's a scam. That's how Corporations make profit, and control your time.

You don't need religion:
Mass 'mesmerism' is how Corporate Society controls and regulates the masses.

You don't need punishment or jails:
Most people who are in jail (and this also means 'factories of financial need') are victims of the above two clauses aka the need for MONEY and a warped sociological UPBRINGING.

Grow up already, people. This is your chance to use that big brain.

You have no one to tell you what to do. That's over. You must come to terms with the fact that no man would want to live in someone else's sewer. Make this world YOUR HOME, not your prison. Just concentrate on the ONLY rule as your guide. People who are in jail are generally resourceful and creative, we should allow them to flourish and shine as active members of our free'd race. Not shun them behind walls of metal and concrete and drug-enhanced dogma.

Living on a Free Planet is akin to living in a Personal Olympics environment where everyone is striving to excel themselves in their chosen life path (keeping in mind the ONLY rule). A 'be the best you can in your chosen field' mentality. There are billions among us who would actively strive to make their world a better place and refurbish it with all the life that's been crushed from it under the demands of the CORPORATE WAR MACHINE (for profit, asset and total global domination).

Do Right By Free Planet usurps the slacker urge because this will be our one chance to shine and leave a better world for our children's children -- we suddenly have THE ULTIMATE MOTIVATION to return Diversity and Plenty to this world.

Imagine a space where the most athletic gather to better themselves. Imagine a place where the most technically minded enhance our lives. Imagine a place where study into the best ways to feed the planet so that it is renewable and scenic and special. Imagine a creative space where nothing is taboo and every aspect of life is open for enhancement and enrichment. Imagine a global race of people who can change when they need to; an educated race, a survivalist race.

Why is that important?

Well, for the last few thousand years, an empire mentality called "Slave City Society" has preached the idea that we live in a stable environment and EVERYTHING IS ALRIGHT, well SCS is global and 'everything is broken'. And the 'status quo' mob don't even realise this. The world on which we live was formed by violent interstellar forces and those processes are still active on this planet, on this Solar System. We need to start to be told the truth, as a race, as a people, about life on Planet Earth. We need to know not only that our lives are always in peril but also how to adapt to change. We need the ability and the means to shift WHOLE DIVERSITIES of people at any given time depending on the results of solar activity, bad weather, earthquakes or meteor strikes.

These will still happen on a Free Planet but, if we are prepared, we can cope.

"We are the best we can ever be and this will be our planet." that's what I want to start hearing from all seven billion of you out there. This is your planet and you will do right by it. It, in return, is your salvation, your (literal) Heaven on Earth.

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