Monday, October 17, 2011

Free'd Planet - global growth game doesn't work - moneyless Earth

This morning's post originates in a Comment from Eric V Encina of the Philippines in yesterday's Occupy World Street post. Eric posted a list of twenty-two benefits of debt-free money and unconditional financial dividend for every person on planet Earth.

But, remember, this is Free Planet where money (i.e. people's effort towards PROFIT) is a mindless scam and job (i.e. people's effort towards PROFIT) is a mindless scam and five or six children per family (on a planet with seven billion humans already) is a mindless scam; so let me try to resample this list for Free Planet purposes.


1. Everybody has shelter
2. Everybody has food
3. Everybody has water
4. Everybody has waste treatment/fertiliser conversion
5. Ethical use of technology - no more production and operational poisons or toxins
6. No more prisons for strong, creative humans
7. No more factories for strong, creative humans
8. No more private patents or ownership of sections of the Earth
9. No more countries, no more cities and everybody can go where they want, when they want.

Let's see what happens THIS MORNING when the bankers and the traders return to the City of London and the London Stock Exchange to earn more profit and achieve more 'growth' for their global landlords and slavemasters.

Imagine if the 2,500,000 UK unemployed people turned up at the London Stock Exchange today to show how BROKEN the ridiculous Global Growth Game is.


muzuzuzus said...

10: No more State control over our consciousness

Ie., how dare they presume to claim they can tell me I cannot explore my own consciousness using mind-altering plants, fungi, substances, etc. In the words of Graham Hancock--quoted from his recent podcast interview with Joe Rogan:

"If I am not sovereign over my own consciousness, then I am absolutely not sovereign over anything. I can't claim any kind of freedom at all."

Super Earth said...

You do know, though, that "Correlation does not imply causation" goes against a lot of what our society is built on. I mean, sure, just because I was running out of the bank just after it got robbed does not prove that I was the one that robbed it.