Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hero Comparison - Wikileaks vs Facebook - Assange vs Zuckerberg

I like this so-called 'Hero Comparison' quite a lot - Wikileaks vs Facebook - Assange vs Zuckerberg.

Wonder how truthful it is?

I mean, you'all realise this is a CORPORATE WAR against YOU THE PEOPLE for PROFIT and ASSET, right?

And it's a multi-layered cake of complexity and cellular compartmentalisation between the warring clans at the top of the pyramid, to befuddle and confuse YOU the People.

You get this right? 

I think (hope) you do get it, but I can't work out why (if you do get it) you'd continue to go along with it, why you'd continue to support a criminally corrupt system? Is it really better the Devil You Know? Why do you not DEMAND that your supposedly-elected 'world' governments release all Black Project files on everything that You The People think a right and free world should know.

I suspect, even if you grow a pair and drum up the courage to confront government, you'll quickly discover that all corporate/government collusion is IMPOSSIBLE TO RELEASE, and you know (fear) what that means to the 'democratic' process, right?


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