Friday, February 10, 2012

I want to live on a LIVING PLANET - return it to the source.

once mankind realises that a purely FINANCIAL (game) PLANET is getting in the way of Natural Cycles in Creativity, Passion and Kinship for all, he'll also soon realise that there are cycles in every natural system.

Mankind has been TAKING, TAKING, TAKING for far too long in the name of 'growth', 'profit', 'asset' and 'geo-political command'...

Now, the time has come for mankind's vast number, his current seven billion sovereign individuals, to repay their debt to this planet.

1) recommend immediate end to burials and instigation of a composting race who return their bodies to the ground actively, as fertiliser; not passively in lead lined boxes or burned on the pyre (which just pollutes the air).

2) recommend immediate end to dumping and more of a disassembly of man's creations to their original forms; all our 'technological advances' need to be toxicologically-tested against our planet the way shampoos and conditioners are tested in rabbits eyes.

3) recommend immediate end to Empire-ism and more of a local rule approach to peaceful existence - war is a poisonous waste of the Earth's natural resources and concentrates 'money' or 'power' in the hands of too few, inventing gargantuan TOO BIG TO FAIL organisations like banks, corporations, pensions, commonwealth, governments, cities, sewers and roads.

There are better local solutions to all the above, just open your mind a little, humanity; reapply your immense intellect from a Global Empirism to Custodial Diversity.

Personally, I want to live on a planet where THE CIRCLE OF LIFE is applied not only to the animals and plants of nature but to our Creativity, our Passion and our Kinship so that we can guide our own RE-AWAKENED RACE to a special relationship with this Free Planet and allow our legacy to be one of human pride and not conspiratorial shame.

Diversity has to re-establish a foothold in our mentality and permeate through all our future endeavours our future inventions, renovations, destiny. We must allow Free Movement of all peoples and we must allow Natural Assembly of Peoples for special occassions where the planet, the lifeforms and the people of this re-conditioned world rejoice in their communal love and connectivity. We have to GIVE BACK TO OUR MOTHER, our homeworld needs repairing; we are the Custodians of Free Planet.

Let's make this happen.

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muzuzuzus said...

Beautiful man, I am with you :))