Sunday, March 11, 2012

journalist Jim Stone arrested for researching TSUNAMI BOMB at Fukushima

I'm reposting this article from last year, to commemorate the Fukushima disaster (whatever its cause) and remind you what sort of a cynically insane dis-information world we live in.

Aren't you sick of all the lies and deceit yet?

Don't you want TRUTH, still? a Free Planet?

This post, reposted from last year, goes into details about journalist or fantasist Jim Stone who was arrested (he claims) for researching the use of a TSUNAMI BOMB at Fukushima. Click the link to Jim Stone Journalist to read his full Fukushima article, snipped below:

After being detained without charges or a phone call for six days, even after repeated requests to be allowed to make a call to let friends and family know where I was, and to be allowed to call 4 radio programs to cancel appearances, I was released without charge within 43 minutes of FINALLY getting a call out in a way they did not plan for. They destroyed my business, destroyed the equipment and inventory, and forced me to flee. I have lost EVERYTHING and that is why I am now silent. Even posting this is probably a huge risk. I am under severe threat and will not post another article until I am certain I have found safety in a foreign nation. I have been left too devastated to get out of the country and am living on the streets. That's the price you pay for doing real research and getting the real truth out. Journalism, TRUTHFUL ground breaking journalism is DEAD in America. [source JIM STONE]

Was Japan enriching Uranium for Iran? Is this reason to TSUNAMI BOMB Japan's west coast? And who planted that tsunami bomb out at sea? Let's see what happens to Jim Jones and his seemingly-fantastical Corporate War Game explanation of what really might have happened at Fukushima in spring of 2011.

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Maria Murdoch said...

If Jim "Stone" believes in uncensored journalism, why does he censor what writers post about his articles? Only those who agree with Jim have their comments or emails on all 12 or more of his pages. And, more importantly, if Jim does so much research why did he flee to Acapulco, Mexico? Why didn´t he go to England, or Germany or Austrailia? Google Acapulco & Journalists & you´ll find it is the most dangerous places in the world for journalists. They are murdered everyday! Jim believes he is hiding in Acapulco but Immigration is onto him. They will find him & do who knows what to him if they haven´t already.