Monday, November 21, 2011

Occupy Wall Street - uptown & downtown - cities must crumble

I recently wrote a piece entitled MODERN CITIES MUST CRUMBLE, and this video shows why I still stand by that rather contentious assertion.

It's truly amazing how quickly 'cities' become gated communities vs ghettos. Apparently OCCUPY WALL STREET, that bedded itself in Zucotti Park, already has an 'uptown' and a 'downtown'. At some point, they're gonna wanna set up a council then have some sewers dug, then they'll all be claiming benefit and we're back to the me me me of Square One where everyone's in conflict trying to prison-food the planet for their little piece of it.

Those protestors need some communal lovin', some tribal bonding, some gel.

Isn't it obvious that CITY LIVING's always gonna be 'us vs them' until we revert to (some global-activated form of) tribal living where EVERY PERSON in their chosen Diversity is a part of every decision of that Diversity. You don't like it, you move elsewhere...

Fuck your communist despotism.
Fuck your capitalist despotism.
Fuck your money game that leads to nothing but misery, you fucks.

"Do right by Free Planet," is the only way to save this Global Empire-ruined world.

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Enki said...

Cities(Cteis) where does that word come from? For earth to sincerely become free, will take a lot of internal mind shifting. The elite need to bring there egos in check. Get ready to give up everything! When we are all on the same page united and broke our egos start to be crushed. When you say I'm sorry or forgive someone, egos start to fall. Ego does one big thing... and that is to protect itself in any way possible. Egos want to grow and survive like another entity within. Egos don't want you to know they exist because then the self will either kick it out or keep it in check... Ever listen to a doctor, lawyer or engineer talk. They are so full of themselves as programed by their university that to listen to someone with no formal edu. would mean they wasted their time. Extreme ego as portrayed by politicians and hollywood develop psychopathic tendancies ... obviously! We are trash to them and our soul purpose is to serve them. It's a global Mexican standoff. Let's bring it all down!