Thursday, November 17, 2011

Peaceful Protest R.I.P. - and other terror news

Occupy London Stock Exchange (which is still a 'tent village @ St Paul's cathedral') think that City of London Corporation WON'T USE FORCE TO EVICT THEM... well, watch this:

remember, You The People are not allowed to Peacefully Protest in this NEW WORLD ORDER ENDGAME DECADE -- Italy and Greece are about to EXPLODE in public response to the insane austerity measures their useless governments have foisted upon their hapless people.

Portugal's Socrates gone, Greece's Papandreau gone, Italy's Berlusconi gone, Spain's Zapatero gone -- is France's Sarkozy next in the Corporate War for Sovereignty and PROFIT.

Resistance is futile.

In related terror news: Fortnum & Mason protesters convicted of aggravated trespass -- "We're all terrorists now," Edgar J Steele.

Anyway, let's hear what EU's Nigel Farage has to say about puppet governments in the EU-zone.

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