Thursday, November 29, 2012

Potlatch the Diversity on Free Planet

A potlatch is a gift-giving festival and primary economic system practiced by indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast of Canada and United States. This includes Heiltsuk_Nation, Haida, Nuxalk, Tlingit, Makah, Tsimshian, Nuu-chah-nulth, Kwakwaka'wakw, and Coast Salish cultures. The word comes from the Chinook Jargon, meaning "to give away" or "a gift."  [source WIKIPEDIA

That's what this planet needs; it needs all those SCHEMING FUCKERS who've stolen what is rightfully ours - our natural wealth, our right of way, our intellectual riches.

Give them all back to mankind, that should be the role of T.H.E.Y. this decade.

I'm talking about our planet, stripped of country borders and passports.
I'm talking about private land, stripped of ownership and trespass.
I'm talking about moral creativity, stripped of arbitrary globalism and fascisto-religious dogma.

It's time ALL THE WORLD was physically gifted back to the beings who live on it, and by this I mean more than the seven billion living humans, I mean also the other living things; the fishes, the animals, the birds and plants.

We must see the ego-maniacal hoarding of wealth via slave labour of the masses and acquisition of what-should-be public land for your own private benefit must now be seen BY EVERYONE AROUND THE WORLD as a band of stinking soldiers rampantly raping your daughters in front of you. These sick fucks are torturing and then decapitating YOUR UNBORN CHILDREN while you watch in tears, begging for their lives. They are kicking the lives from your ruptured uteruses. That is truly inhuman, and you know it. And now we know it.

And you know the really sad thing about all this is a) I write about the French journalist who breaks the Fukushima story, 25,000 hits b) I write about the Rothschild family owning all but 3 central banks, 35,000 hits c) I write about T.H.E.Y. saving themselves by a charitable act of potlatch ... nobody's interested.

Dear T.H.E.Y.,

POTLATCH THE DIVERSITY, redistribute the natural wealth of Free Planet and exonerate your presence among You The People.


M.-J. Taylor said...

PS. What happened to your post on all but 3 countries have Rothschild owned central banks. I read about that on David Icke's site, saw a poster of it elsewhere, but Icke's link to you gets a 404.

Mike Philbin said...


thanks for your email - two reasons I deleted it.

1) no corroborating evidence arrived, and it was a story originated on GLP (much like the also-very-popular and also-very-deleted hearsay story of the French Journalist 'Jean' who'd apparently come out of a meeting with Tepco Fukushima and they were talking about MELTDOWN weeks before we knew what was really going on).

2) no Connsumer gives a fuck who owns what, any more. Sheople are there to FUND these criminal fuckers, and nobody seems to want to know this. Forever destined to be slaves.