Tuesday, November 22, 2011

We're all Communists now ... yes, even you, Chinese, American, European, WORKER.

in fact, all WORKERs have been employed by the Secret Communist Party of Global Finance since Henry Ford sanctioned inhumane Time & Motion studies to improve efficiency on his assembly-line chaingangs.

In fact, maybe that was just a cynical money-shot in the face of incorporated humanity, maybe it's something more fundamental that'd been taking place since the Industrial Revolution... it's the term "WORKER" that gives away their game.

Every time you hear that term WORKER on the TV or the radio or read about it in the newspapers or on your iphone, your ipod, your galaxy, wherever...  doesn't that term WORKER totally denegrate you, shame you, make you a laughing stock?

And, despite that picture there, this isn't even about 'the current puppet president of the current puppet government you're shackled under'. You're all out there going, "I'd never be a Commie," and (you think) you're right yet you encourage the paying back of money that isn't yours (or theirs) so that you can remain a slave to an insanely despotic global finance fantasy.

And that's all it is...  a fantasy.

The only thing that'd be valid for you is to adopt the old communist phrase, "WORKERS of the world unite," and en masse shuffle off the concrete drowning donut of corporate suffrage and liberate yourselves from jail where you're all being serial ass-raped by THE NEED TO WORK to pay back debts that have nothing to do with you.

Seriously, until you all realise that you're no longer viewed as PEOPLE, and live on some corporate-country profit & loss spreadsheet somewhere in the column ASSET or LIABILITY... until you rebel against the slander "WORKER", you will be forever a slave to the Communist Dream of T.H.E.Y..

And it's not pretty.

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Milan said...

"Money has been privatized by stealth, the greatest privatization in history has gone unnoticed, it's time to take from the banks the power to produce money", Ben Dyson writes in his article published a few days ago by the Guardian. "You know, my son, it's really unbelievable how stupid one can be when his job depends on how stupid he can become", mama said to Forest Gump who browsed through the pages of the largest national daily newspaper - ahead of upcoming parliamentary elections - filled with invitations and promises in which desperate workers and farmers have invested all their hopes. "Well, mom", Forest replied, "if banks are evil, and if we're all angry and facing bankruptcy, then let's switch to alternative currency"!