Saturday, December 10, 2011

Free Planet - Man was made in God's image.

based on what's about to come, You (The People) might be a little confused why I've used THAT IMAGE (above) to illustrate this latest blogpost...  

When we say, "Man was made in God's image," what do we mean? And, more importantly, can we flip it to our advantage?

Flip it to our advantage?

We were made in God's image, right?

That means, as a general definition, we're a) a direct visual facsimile of God or b) an indirect reflection of God. And neither of these classifications matter, to be frank. What we miss is the OBVIOUS INFERENCE, "We are made in God's image," we are, all seven billion of us, Living Gods. When you look at a man, or a woman, or a child, you are looking DIRECTLY AT GOD. Look at anyone you know, anyone you meet in the street, any member of your family, friends, even a stranger. Look into their face; into their eyes. You're looking directly into the eyes of God.

We've just FORGOTTEN aka HAD IT DRUMMED OUT OF US by successive decades of city-then-global media manipulation aka Corporate Propaganda. We've been PHYSICALLY BELITTLED from our once-exalted role as Custodians of Our Tribal Area. We need to re-ignite the flame of our god-hood and accept that all the socio-economic problems we're currently facing can be swept away in a single Custodian gesture - the world is now our Tribe. Think about what you really want for your children's children, a FREE PLANET for example, then you'll easily formulate ways for that to become a reality. But first you have to 'really want' it.

It seemed to piss a lot of you off that I suggested we CLOSE ALL THE PRISONS, and remove all animals from captivity, basically RE-WILDING THE PLANET but it's the only way. Having people caged up does nothing for them, and doesn't get to the root of why they did what they did to cope with the current system of reward/punishment offered by our arbitrary 'society', scavaging for a 'living' in worthless corporate jobs making shit gadgets for people with absolutely no time to explore the finer things in what should be their lives.

I watch a lot of television, and I see the game being played with the 'programming' but there are little nuggets of gold in the dungheap, programmes like SuperNanny and WorldsWorstParents where somewhat renegade kids or families are shown how to live in harmony with their fellow man. It can be done. We don't need to be at war with our naighbours or our elders on a constant basis - whole economies of loss and profit are based on such nonsense. We can exist, together, among 'criminals' if we just set our minds to WHAT WE WANT TO ACHIEVE on this world while we're alive, and by that I mean before we die. And we will all die. And this is our only chance, as far as there's any supporting evidence.

The Hierachy Controlling You game is (and always has been) a broken game, and we're FINALLY seeing it for the rotten carriage rattling over cracked cobbles that it is. Rickety, and falling to pieces. It's not TOO BIG TO FAIL. It's a mercy killing that's long overdue, for mankind to truly understand how he's literally brought his homeworld, that thing he should strive to protect the most with the entrie fullness of his life, to a crumbling abyss of disaster.

The PROFIT-based economy suggests, as there are MORE AND MORE OF US, there'll be LESS AND LESS to share around. It's already at the point where 'those that have' are ruthlessly defending their patch with all the War Machinery they can muster, and it'll only get worse the more of us that demand equality, the more of us that demand a 'fair share' of this homeworld's limited resources. And that's what they are. LIMITED RESOURCES. If you have friends or family at the London School of Economics and Political Science (to give it it's full title) ask them about the Broken Growth Model as it relates to Human Justice and the Wealth of the People. Ask them when a Soylent Green food economy will begin to extrude fried e-numbered human waste from the corporate prison camps once camping in a public place is finally banned in this country; when no-one is allowed to 'reside on corporate land' unless they have a) a permit and b) a mortgage; an assurance that they'll pay back, like slaves, for their 'freedom'.

borrowed the above image from David Icke's latest newsletter about how the Mainstream Media went OUT OF THEIR WAY to pillory this man, how 'that was their job', to destroy ANYONE who can come up with a Universal Truth, to UNLEASH THE DOGS OF WAR on anyone who tries to upset the Global 'Gulag' Governance apple cart.

Gulag Planet, that's what Alex Jones needs to rename his eponymous website; I realise you lose the eye-poppin' alliteration but Gulag Planet has much colder, crueler connotations, dontchathink? And that's the real question here, "Don't you think?" Well of course you do, you've just been 'directed' or 'influenced' or 'programmed' to look the other way, turn the other cheek, keep paying your debt to 'society', when all you really need to do is DEMAND that mankind is liberated from Elitist Family Slavery. There really are far more of You The People than there are of T.H.E.Y.

Summary: so, as you'll see, THE MAINSTREAM CORPORATE WAR MEDIA is all about keeping you a willing slave to their 'current gameplan' or 'regime' and making sure you don't realise what REAL POTENTIAL You (The People) have to take control of your lives and protect your Free Planet from the insanity of corporate greed, invented money systems and prvate rule over the masses. They want you sucking that Consumerist/Tenant/Slave Worker teat, not setting up a Custodianistic Ethos for all of mankind, from all over the planet, to live from.

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muzuzuzus said...

I of course have a great problem with the patriarchal concept of a 'God' a 'creator apart from 'HIS' 'creation who has made 'mankind' ('Adam'--because remember in their 'creation myth' woman ('Eve') is formed from Adma's rib, implying womenkind is product of mankind and not 'God') in the image of God, and it then follows so we have 'dominion' over all other species, and THIS idea IS the disaster. Even though the so-called secular claims to have gone beyond these religious concepts, they though become unconscious---and so what do we see? Domination like has never been seen before, and an elite wanting to dominate the whole planet, air, and have us chipped--if you can believe it! We now are supposed to believe ourselves as biochemical robots who have no free will.
When I look at most of the popular big concepts, the religions, philosophies--they all are designed to demoralize us. So the Judean-Christan-Islamic all clamed we were already sinners (Christian is 'bborn with original sin'). With Eastern religion it is that we have 'karma'--so if you find yourseolf a 'lower caste'--on the bones of yer arse on the street etc that that is your 'karma', and you cannot argue with the universe is the social control there! And in the secul;ar worl;d it is you are a robot and if you cant cope it means your chemicals aren't right and need 'treatment'. So in all these branches of the patriarchy--they're designed to demoralize us, and make us feel like shit, and NEEDING an authority to help us--like a big daddy, and us the kiddies. IF you say 'No!' then smiling daddy is there not-smiling with a mace spray, an electrocution device, handcuffs, and a cell ready to throw you in.

I dont recall all this to despair people though, only this is the oppression I see and feel and think it should be seen and felt otherwise you become an unknowing victim of their tricks. it is better to KNOW you are oppressed.

Also I mention a book Not In His Image, by John Lash, here of in another bblog of yours, and he points out the Victim-Perpetrator Syndrome. This tactic is very much unleashed in Christianity, and means that the very concept that we already ARE sinners, and bad, gives perpetrators the excuse TO victimize us and justifies it to BOTH parties, AND that the ones who are the abused, some of them turn into the abusers. This is another reason we need to understand this.