Monday, December 05, 2011

is Earth nothing more than an entertainment planet?

I don't want to say 'alien' or 'supernatural' or 'trans-dimensional' because I have NO EVIDENCE that any of these concepts have real inhabitants, contain real beings.

And I don't want to fall back on God-given FREE WILL because that's just a SICK JOKE JUDGEMENT that all religions should simiply be ashamed of propagating, as a way to 'rule a universe'.

No, I suspect (and it's only a suspicion) that something NOT OF THIS WORLD, or maybe SOMETHING OF THIS WORLD, is using our suffering, our joy, our worry, our confusion and our certainty, our love and hate, as a simple entertainment.

There's a NON INTERFERENCE clause in this arrangement, surely, because nothing is ever done to alleviate the above suffering, worry, pain, evil.......  there's just no retribution, no justice. Nothing ever works for ANYONE. Basically, we all die; so what's the point really?

We are just TV fodder for some RACE OF BEINGS WE CAN'T SEE and they're proper enjoying it.  Maybe this is why we age, when Moses and the like used to live for 600 years. Emotional parasites within our reality, close by, somehow. Sucking energy from the human matrix, drinking our dreams. These psychic invaders we're asking priests to exorcise, these trans-dimensional rapers we're asking psychics to divine, these alien abductors we're looking into the sky for, could even be closer than we think; maybe this is what MICROBES are.

Ya know?


muzuzuzus said...

I know that in the ancinet Gnostic myth, they believed that the 'Archons' were like gatekeepers of the planets who barred the way so that the 'divine spark' 'trapped' in the body and nature could not return to its spiritual home. So they devized rituals of purification so that you could get back.
When I listen to people like David Icke he is spouting the same BS though modified for these times. he talks of Draco reptilians who are hybrid with the elite who feed orrrf our negative vibes. I personally see all this as fuikin insane and a toxic paranoid-inducing story/myth.

You ask why then cant we 'live like Moses did'. The only 'evidence' you have for that is the Bible which itself is toxic myth. In reality IF humans were to live ANY longer than many do what an even WORSE fuck up that would be wouldn't it? Look at what we all are doing to the planet already with our 'limited life spans'--LOOK what we are doing to the OTHER species and their habitats as we spread out, living longer, etc!

The ONLY sensible mythos for me is the Goddess mythos. In this understanding death is not SEPARATE or an enemy of life, but lifedeath or deathlife (and you can add regeneration) is dynamic continuum, flux, process. You cannot have one without the other. But patriarchal mythologies are irrationally fearful of death and so create silly stories which demonize an 'other'.

Mrzepovinho said...

Ha Ha! Nice one!
I had this CRAAAZY idea the other day: If AIDS had never been seen on Earth, and nowadays it is the nr1 desiese - as it spread so much.

How can such a desiese NOT spread before?

There are only 2 explanations for a NEW DESIESE NEVER SEEN BEFORE:
1) It was created by the MAN, trough Genetical Manipulation (

2)It came from OTHER WORLD! Like for example, THE MOON! Those astronauts went to the moon, and somehow brought this ALIEN LIFE FORM to Earth!

I believe in the 1st explanation, but the 2nd (proposed by my sick mind) is so much related to your post that i REALLY had to comment!

Cheers Mike!

Erich Kuersten said...


There are a few caveats and tricks to get the most out of your avatar pleasure.

1. Cultivate aesthetic elevation and read deeply into everything you watch on TV or movies, listen to in music, etc. 'They' once told me 'we like watching movies through you because you see them deeply' - as a result, I've been given lots of time and movies

2. Don't give them the usual responses to pain and pleasure (i.e. don't obsess and run after or away from either - would an actress hoping to win the Oscar run from emotional pain scenes? No!

3. When you're about to hook up with someone attractive in a romantic setting, take a mental inventory and see if anyone is 'in there' with you, in your head. Ever feel like someone is putting words in your mouth that you'd never think of on your own, when seducing someone? You've got company! Then notice that they are 'gone' after the sex is over, leaving you empty and abandoned! Now don't hate on them. Respect that, because in sooth you'd do the same if you were them.

4. Realizing this 'deal' we have is the first step towards liberation. Does a character on TV really die when they die? No, they come back in re-runs, and the actor appears elsewhere. So 'live' your life as if going for an Oscar, and you will be cast in better roles to come.

Mike Philbin said...

thanks for the ACRES OF WISE ADVICE, intergalactic stars of stage and screen (and transdmensional holography).