Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cleve Backster - Quantum Biocommunication - Primary Perception.

I'm forty-six years old in two days' time and only today have I heard of the truly-insane research of ex-CIA-military-polygrapher Cleve Backster, a pioneer in the area of biocommunication between plants, something he called "Primary Perception".
That's insane enough but he went one further and devised a military experiment that showed how DNA swabbed from a subject's mouth gives an electrical response exactly at the moment when the subject is viewing 'emotional images' in a nearby room.

Dr. Backster described how he and his team had continued the investigations at even greater distances. At one point, a span of 350 miles separated the donor and his cells.

In each experiment, the interval measured between the emotion and the cell’s response was zero-the effect was simultaneous. Whether the cells were in the same room or separated by hundreds of miles, the results were the same. When the donor had an emotional experience, the DNA reacted as if it were still connected to the donor’s body in some way.

The four key points of this DNA experiment are:
1. A previously unrecognized form of energy exists between living tissues.
2. Cells and DNA communicate through this field of energy.
3. Human emotion has a direct influence on living DNA.
4. Distance appears to be of no consequence with regard to the effect.

This suggests that CLONING might be really important to the military so that they can have a being with THE SAME DNA communicating over vast distances with no lag in transmission time. Plus, we all know the military put great stock into SHOCK TACTICS, be they waterboarding (to forget) or mk ultra (to produce zombies).

The emotional war against You The People was suggested in George Lucas's 1977 film Star Wars, when the Death Star focusses its enormous tyrannical power upon Alderaan, obliterating it. Remember how all those connected to The Force had a wincing moment as Alderaan's inhabitants were blown to smithereens?

And of course, there's the ULTIMATE MASS MEDIA SNUFF FILM of the September 11th 2001 attack on New York and Washington where 3,000 people lost their lives, simultaneously.

Interestingly, I'm sure film-maker James Cameron knew of Cleve Backster's "Quantum Biocommunication" when he thought about the shared-DNA Avatars of his eponymous 2009 blockbuster film - instantaneous genetic link across ANY distance.

And at a more mundane level, we might (inadvertantly) be sharing A LOT of these genetic 'hyperspace frequencies' with our fellow man, you know all that tribal interbreeding and all. I guess that's what COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS actually means, i.e. Collective Broadcasting of Emotional Data, ad infinitum.

And of course, if this is actual scientific fact, T.H.E.Y. will have used this instantaneous-dna-communication on more times than is worth relating ... whether through the male or female offspring, whether through the dominant or recessive genetraits ... this will have been TESTED on 9/11 and other mass-media events ... this will have been IMPLEMENTED last year during Arab Spring.  There's no other reason why that many people would Manchurian Candidate their governments like that.  They know EMOTIONAL HORROR works on the masses. They have activated THE BIG HAMMER during and since 2001.

The horror, indeed!

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