Friday, January 27, 2012

Haywire - just more everyday/profit-crime on our streets?

"The CIA trained her," and now they can't stop her.... yadda yadda yadda... sounds like every 'gone rogue' film narrative Hollywood's ever schpat out.

But Soderbergh's new film HAYWIRE got me thinking, "Just how much of what we consider everyday/profit-crime on our streets is just chess pieces on the global NEED TO KNOW chess board gone a.w.o.l. or being effectively 'eliminated from the on-going game' for whatever arbitrary middle-management reason?"

I'm thinking (maybe) of the continuing intelligence mystery that is GCHQ-coder Gareth Williams, but on a more general-crime basis. What percentage of shit-on-our-streets is 'clean up' of missions that have gone (collaterally) tits up? Has anyone looked into the figures, ffs?

May 23rd update: the film itself (which I've just watched) felt very strange. Remember those band-touring movies where you get some sort of incidental music over the preparations for each of that night's set? A sort of cobbled together travelogue montage, followed by the sweating details of The Performance?

Well, that's exactly how this film felt.

It was completely DEVOID of ANY emotional content. Of course, Carano's emotional range extended to 'biting her lip' and 'looking away'.

Montage/music followed by Fight/no_music. Again and again. Then the film ended. Real abrupt and ... well, not very enjoyable. Not 'fulfilling'. Just .... and it's not the first time Soderbergh's pissed me off. Watched his last-but-one release (here in UK) Contagion which, as the film progressed, seemed to be saying, "Ignore all the freaks on the internet who're trying to bring you the truth, and TRUST IN THE GOVERNMENT as 'we're your saviours'". Really?

Is this like before or after raping a land of its tangible/natural assets and killing thousands of foreign women and children in the name of Global Profit PLfuckingC?

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