Monday, January 02, 2012

the Lutec 1000 - free energy device!

as the LUTEC website seems to have been in a state of  'reconstruction' (websites don't take that long to fix, guys), this blogger's wondering when there's gonna be an official update on PATENT APPLICATIONS and retail price for the LUTEC 1000 "free energy device", from its Australian creators.

Allegedly, it delivers 300% to 500% efficiency [enough to power an entire house off the grid]!

If a LUTEC partner cares to reply to my email about this 2012 blogpost, I'll publish it.........

September 2012 update: I wanna know/understand why SO MANY RUSSIANS are arriving at this post, having google searched for "LUTEC 1000". Can anyone Comment as to how/why you're searching about such, suddenly?


charles said...

Oh my God another People's Freedom Technology killed by the Big Boys? How long before someone can break through the Wall of Steel without being killed. Goddamn shame the way the people are deliberately crushed by the Few Mighty, which is why we are having this World Revolution right now. Hopefully, this technology can be introduced to bring us to a truly compassionate relationship with each other and the rest of the Planet, if the War Profiteering Control Freaks can be stopped from killing it every time it rises.

I pray Humanity has the wisdom to rise above deeply embedded dysfunctional attitudes.


charles said...

I've already commented long and hard and now have to do it again? Inefficiency, maybe deliberate when it comes to this subject.

Do we have to watch again and again while the Big Boys shut down again another People's Energy Freedom Maker? Anything to keep us beholden to the dysfunctional parasites presently poisoning and killing everywhere.

This is what the World Wide People's Revolution is all about, food, not bombs, human need, not war.

Unfortunately, the ones at the top would rather see us starve, so they can raise an army for their war games with bags of rice.

It's a genocidal anti Human and anti World agenda running full steam, and the reason we think about Free Energy is it's the People's Freedom Technology, and they kill people left and right, to stop it's development.

Ever since JP Morgan bought out and SHELVED Tesla, it's been the same old story, the ONLY reason we don't have Free Energy is the Control Freaks who would destroy the world rather than give up one cent, WILL destroy it, before they "give up" anything.

It's time to see the people keeping the world in chains as Mentally Dysfunctional as they threaten the safety of all Life on the Planet.


Roman Matushchenko said...

Because this is interesting and Russians love freebies :0

Roman Matushchenko said...

I read an article about lutec 1000, wanted to know more, put into Google, link number 4

MAKE A DIFF said...

I wish the best for the Lutec 1000 but have serious concerns that it, is not totally what they say it is. By this I mean I am sure it appears to be giving off more power out than being put in, the concern I have is that it describes powerful magnets being used in the invention. I believe the "extra power" is being derived from the dipoles of the magnets. Which is NOT over unity at all. The magnets will deplete over time and have to be "recharged". A net energy negative device. I truely hope I am wrong. Blessings, Bill.

john kissam said...

A magnet can last for over 200 years before it has to be recharged so you wont have to worry about that in your life time or your children's life time, they is a scare put out by the destroyers of new technologies, when was the time you ever had to replace a motor because the magnets got weak?
It was always the brushes or windings (electrical stuff), not weak magnets.
I feel the best thing for new product inventors to do is forget the patent, just start manufacturing and selling the devices, that way they are already out there and the public will beat a path to their door to get their hands on one and by the time the governments hear about it the technology will be know, and your memory is something they cannot erase, so once it is known, it can be reproduced. LETS TAKE BACK OUR WORLD FROM THE ENTERPRISING GIANTS.

David Holloway said...

This is nothing new and has been invented already before now.
Sadly all the other inventors have been suppressed or killed.
As wonderful as it would be to actually see this invention come to fruition and market... I won't hold my breath, but I will pray for the safety of these brave inventors.