Thursday, January 05, 2012

The Real News Network - The War On Wages - American Taliban.

Paul Jay, senior editor of The Real News Network, talks to Director of the Division on Globalization and Development Strategies of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) Dr. Heiner Flassbeck.

"If wages don't rise and the "pathological" power of finance is not pushed back, we will face a deep depression," Flassbeck.

I love the way EVERYONE FORGETS that the only way out of this 'global crisis' is a Free Planet.

Can't you see that YOUR SYSTEMS ARE BROKEN, fundmentally. Think why certain organic methodologies have survived during billions of years of evolution. Think about that for a minute when you take into account that most Human Financial Inventions are BUBBLES WAITING TO BURST. Finance already knows that there's not enough of the 'pie' to be worth protecting.

All financial scams must end, this evening; for the sake of mankind. There is no sustainable Global Finance model; it's all broken: UNFIXABLE. The economic factors, wages, debt, mortgages, disaster, war, espionage, patents, are all too tightly interwoven so that there's NO WAY IT'LL EVER WORK; it'll always be An Adjustment, at best.

A Free Planet has to be restored, re-wilded and protected from the heinous Corporate Greed that is murdering our delicate homeworld.

BONUS TRNN CONTENT: here's the latest episode from The Real News Network sharing the speech of an.other government whistleblower, Jesselyn Radack the Justice Dept attorney who stood up for the Constitutional rights of John Walker Lindh, a young U.S. citizen captured in Afghanistan and widely denigrated as the "American Taliban." Lindh became the first American to be tortured by Americans there. Radack revealed Lindh had not been allowed a lawyer and other rights. The Justice Department then made Racack a target of a criminal investigation and put her on the "No-Fly" List. She is now the Human Rights Director for the Government Accountability Project.

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