Friday, January 13, 2012

an uninfested planet is a dead planet

Whales have barnacles.
Dogs have fleas.
Humans have lice,
Crabs ... in fact human beings are mostly made up of non-human hitch-hikers like protozoan organisms, worms, and all manner of other pestering parasites some of which control your diet!

I know, but where is this post going?

Well, all the way to the sun, I hope. And beyond. But first, THE LIVING PLANET. That's the spinning rock you live on, named Earth. Why is it living? Well, because it's infested; infested with living parasites.

Now, I'm not saying, "We're alive because of our parasitic infestation," that'd be properly illogical. Similarly, I realise that stuff grows on dead or decaying organic matter. But we're alive. And so is the Earth iff (that's if and only if) the Sun also has parasites.

Well, our Sun has a spread of planets, planetoids, moons, asteroids and dust that feeds off its cross-spectral radiation. Think of all the now-dead planets that have shown signs of earlier infestation; Mars, Venus, Mercury. Some have suggested that Earth's molten core is fed by the radiation from our sun, matter is created; our planet is growing. Maybe we are only alive because of how we interact with our sun on a sub-space or hyper-space level?

And our Sun feeds off the multi-phase radiation pouring out of our own Galactic Centre. The sun is growing, constantly plulsating with new life.

Maybe the whole UNIVERSE is alive and growing based on this rampant parasitism, "Wonder what sub-space frequency we can use to chit-chat to our Star Brothers?"

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