Tuesday, February 14, 2012

art feature - abstract artist - Sean Scully

you all know (or maye you don't know, as I don't appear to have a blogpost about him) I'm a big fan of the abstract art of Mark Rothko -- I should really do a piece about his Seagram Murals (room) at Tate Modern, except it's no longer seems to be there. I do remember (vaguely) wandering into some London gallery one day, it could have been the Albemarl or one of Lord Sainsbury's London Galleries, it might have actually been the National Gallery. I mean we're talking twenty-odd years back. I remember walking into this dark room through a set of oak double doors. I didn't even know if I should be in there, it was only me, and upon the walls of this dark room were these big red paintings. I sat down on the bench, and the paintings seemed to DO SOMETHING to the back of my eye such that their hidden redness, lifted out from the darkness within which they were held prisoner ... a soft silent scream screaming SCREAMING.

Seagram Murals @ Tate Modern ... too bright

well, this blogpost's not about Rothko, it's about another abstract artist that's been growing on me quite a lot in recent years, Irish-born Munich-resident Sean Scully.

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