Thursday, February 23, 2012

Whatever happened to Thorium Reactors?

At the height of the Cold War, both sides of the Corporate War chose Uranium/Plutonium reactors rather than Thorium reactors because of their extremely-valuable military by-products; Enriched and Depleted Uranium. Poisoned bullets are way better for so many cynical reasons, PROFIT-wise. In fact, everyone knows that you can build entire protection/maintenance industries around toxic materials like uranium, mercury and fluoride in our environment so that 'we the Consumers' pay and pay and pay to have this crap removed from our world.

The Conspiracy against the much safer nuclear option THORIUM reactors is all methodically laid out in THE THORIUM ALTERNATIVE by Ben Daviss from Trends Research. You can read that and/or watch this 30-minute documentary from The Thorium Energy Alliance, it's up to you.

Forget the traditional fiat-dollar devaluation instruments like GOLD or SILVER or COPPER, it's looking like THORIUM may soon become the 'must invest in' raw material for a potential nuclear future for mankind.

Either that or SOMETHING SENSIBLE, something ethical - like PHOTOSYNTHESIS machines.
Ya know, something natural - ethical, self-sustaining.
Think... Live.... Dream!

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