Monday, February 06, 2012

why doesn't Julian Assange just open a numbered Swiss bank account for his Wikileaks donations?

I mean, it's really sad that 'the corporations against which Wikileaks is AT WAR' have decided to cut off Assange's SUPPLY LINE i.e. your donations, or at least the ability for Wikileaks to process payments through Visa, Mastercard, Paypal and Bank of Amerika.

But my question still stands, "Why doesn't Julian Assange just open a numbered Swiss bank account for his Wikileaks donations?"


Seems kinda obvious, as these shadowy institutions have been laundering money for lunatic despots, corrupt administrations and amoral global conglomerates for most of the last century.


American Kabuki said...

I worked with some Swiss guys a few years back. They told me this:

Swiss numbered accounts are not checking accounts, they're savings accounts. Anyone who has the number can access the funds, the number has to be kept very secret and usually only accessed in person. Money can be wired in and out of them - fees of course will be deducted from the account.

These accounts do not accrue interest, yet the banks can use the funds like any other deposited money. If someone else gets the number your money can leave, as the only identity asked of these accounts is their number.

These accounts pose problems for US citizens and have to be declared on IRS forms. And once they have the account number....well... I don't know the Australian tax laws but I suspect there's similar rules.

The reason these are popular with Swiss banks is because say a dictator puts several million into an account and gets killed and nobody knows the account number, the bank never has to pay it back out!

He should do what American CEOs do, open a Panama account which is protected from disclosure to the USA by GATT treaty with the USA. The Swiss will tell if the USA twists their arm, but Panama doesn't have to! Sad but true!

Unknown said...

Your question presumes a neutrality of the Swiss banking system, or even one of their banks. I do not have experience with these but I presume they are part and parcel of the same system, and that doing same would yield no different result than what he is already getting.
Humbly submitted.