Saturday, March 24, 2012

Breitbart - LifetimeTV Sexualizes 'Topless' 8 Year Old Girls

SICK, SICK, SICK.....   

with news that there's a paedo-ring being investigated here in Oxford, is it any surprise with LIFETIME's "Dance Moms" pulling a "Topless Showgirls For Minors" stunt like this? Or to put it another way, quoting the first comment there on the Breitbart page that hosted this story:

Today, it's Lifetime
Then they graduate to Girls Gone Wild
then it's poledancicng
then it's meth
then they become Democrat voters

"You can't have me, you can't afford me ... it's crotch, boobs," struts dance teacher and serial chocolate chomper Abby Lee Miller.


Enki said...

Monarch slaves, Marionettes being prepared for future mind control duties. THe white rabbit, teddy bear sexual slaves. These girls are dressed up like adults with makeup used as sexual enhancement.
THe teacher is already programming them.

Blue Steel said...

Lol So true its gonna get worse and worse. We already have young'ns getting preagnet @ 12yrs. Im scared for the future...

Janice said...

OMG! Parent should stop their daughter to be part of that group if the handler is like that.

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