Friday, March 16, 2012

the dreams came back - full control at all levels of detail

maybe it was because of my post yesterday WHO RUNS GLOBAL GOVERNMENT? YOU THE PEOPLE or maybe it was something else like breaking through the 65,000 words mark in my Free Planet novel dealing with the 'insignificance of the Mighty Gods of Olympus' but it finally happened ... those dreams I've always had ... the really vivid positive take-control dreams I've always had. The ones that RECENTLY seem to have been too keen to cover their tracks, vanish from view. As if remembering them, or assigning inter-galactic value to them, might have pissed off the trans-dimensionalists, or something, pattern find error, anything. They came back last night, those dreams. They came back with a vegneance.

It wasn't that 'they were a bit detailed' or they allowed a 'certain amount of control', these ones (four or five, at least, last night) were 100% vivid and realistic but also allowed TOTAL CONTROL over not only the 'resolution' or 'tactility' of the level of detail, but also the 'actions' of the dream itself - there were no more villains, only solutions.

I have never felt so IN CONTROL of my dreams, ever! I hope whatever I was doing in those dreams really helped someone (somewhere (on some planet (or on Earth (or me)))) get some 'terrible monkeys' off their back. It felt real good, to do what was done, last night, all night, vividly and without fear. And to celebrate, have this:

Yes, "The dreams came back the very next day," they just couldn't stay away.

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