Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Free Planet - NO MORE SECRETS - I just want some truth

fox games, what fun, right?
"Children play soldier, grown men die." anon

PROFIT is the root of all evil.
NEED TO KNOW intelligence agencies protect profits.
EVERYONE is a slave to this game.

For example, and you'll undoubtedly find evidence to counter this: "Special Liaison Officers" Group Captain F. W. Winterbotham in his 1974 book THE ULTRA SECRET claims Sir Winston Churchill (the second world war prime minister) SACRIFICED Coventry (potentially endangering the lives of 238,000 people) to Nazi bombing raids so that the Germans wouldn't know that UK had broken the Enigma code.

See, you're all just (treated as) pawns in a game, it's not right.

The only way I (personally) see this world encouraging the profit-makers, the global strategists, the petty asset-grabbing war-mongers to play a more Free Planet-friendly (Custodian) game is by taking their weapons away from them. And by this, I don't mean their pistols, their rifles, their missiles, their battleships and bombers; I mean their INTEL.

You'd imagine the seven billion inhabitants of Free Planet i.e. You The People, those who vote in your parliaments and congresses, those who allow lawyers to make laws for society to survive, those who protect their families and hope to build a future for their children's children, wanna, "Stop killing people to make profits," surely?

"Just how much of what we consider everyday/profit-crime on our streets is just chess pieces on the global NEED TO KNOW chess board gone a.w.o.l. or being effectively 'eliminated from the on-going game' for whatever arbitrary middle-management reason?"

Is it time to demand, for the protection of You The People, a Total Disclosure of all the files held by all government (or private) agencies: NO MORE SECRETS?

How about some of that TRUTH to give birth to a Free Planet?

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