Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Michael Tsarion - The Female Illuminati - the Lady Macbeth syndrome?

Michael Tsarion takes a couple hours out of his working day to talk about his new research into THE FEMALE ILLUMINATI.

Listen for the term, "Wry Masonic Grin," made me Royal chuckle, that one.

I 'know' this will garner GREAT CONCURRENCE from the Abel Danger crew, let's see what they have to Comment w.r.t. FemmeCompInc and all'a that Lady McWife-jazz.

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dognamedblue said...

do you have a facebook account?

apparently the "illuminati" are not what we have been told & led to believe & they are stepping out of the shadows to clear their name:


if no fb then they have a uk registered website:


makes interesting reading, which there's a lot of, if nothing else

speaking as someone who knows nothing & being one of the biggest suckers on the planet [I long for a "happy ending"] they do say all the right things [anti NWO/1%/ruling elite pro women pro fair & just society] but then I'm probably just falling for the old "hook line & sinker" mugs game [again]