Thursday, March 08, 2012

Panetta's US Military says "Screw your Constitution" to Congress?

I share Senator Jeff Sessions' aghast horror, during this Congressional hearing on Syria, hearing Panetta's military generals say, "You don't have a voice."

Breitbart's inflammatory editorial on this topic puts it better than I could - Panetta: 'International Permission’ Trumps Congressional Permission For Military Actions - what about all those in the military who've sworn an oath to Defend the Constitution from exactly this sort of TREASON? This 'international espoinage', this off-shore fascist bankers coup d'etat of every sovereign country. Where do the Defenders of the Constitution stand? Or are they just gonna let this pass? Are we finished?

Day Later Update:  all last night and into today, I'm hearing/reading on alternative news outlets a LOT of military who're totally pissed off by this Panetta video,  above. And it brings up an interesting conundrum that the world might soon have to face. Let's say the US Military refuses to 'open fire on protesting Americans'. Let's say none of the Generals follow such an illegal order. Won't NATO just list that as a military coup against their CFR or Corporate Financial Ruination and INVADE AMERICA with non-American forces? NATO vs USA Army? It's just too easy to engineer chaos, and therefore order.

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