Saturday, March 10, 2012

Red Ice Creations - Paul Levy - awaken in the dream

as earlier discussed, I've always had vivid dreams that are easy to remember, catalogue. Recently, the dreams have still been there, I'm aware of having dreamt them, but they 'disappeared' too quickly. Like they were hiding.

Yesterday, I ...

thought about how the French, then the Russians, first brought their aborigianl 'shamanism' to what we call America (using the Atlantic and the Pacific 'ice bridges', respectively) during the Free Planet of our more recent Ice Ages when no restrictions were put on man's free roaming of his once-beautiful homeworld.

wrote the most amazing (though I say it myself) apocalypse of Collected Creativity embed'd within the Custodian Movement's seemingly-insane global solution in my on-going Free Planet novel.

This morning, I had the MOST SPIRITUAL i.e. paranormal ghosts, powerfully shocking telekinesis, sympathetic haunting, time stretching reversing replaying visitor investigation dreams EVER and I recieved this presentation (Red Ice Creations - Paul Levy - awaken in the dream) in emails from TWO SEPARATE SOURCES.

It talks about the Wetiko Psychosis and how our full alertness to our global consciousness will either kill us or liberate us.

"Connect with our GENIUS, our TRUE CALLING, our VOCATION," sounds good to me!

Come on, seven billion of you, FREE PLANET!

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