Thursday, March 15, 2012

This is Who Runs Global Government? You The People...

I 'question mark' the title of every contentious post here, because WE CAN NEVER BE TOO SURE as long as there's an ongoing Corporate War preying on your innocent hearts and minds... with that caveat in mind, listen to this.

If you can't see it, Alex (as a man) is right. Everybody knows the difference between right and wrong. No one wants wars. In a 'world of plenty' there's no need for conflict, and we can have that MANY TIMES OVER.

And the simple fact is, "There are NO EVIL PEOPLE and it's pointless 'sending them down'."

PROFIT, or the aquisition of gain from the private finance, is the only reason why 'those who run global government' seem to be so ruthlessly amoral. You, The People, ARE Global Government. You, yourselves, the base-level workers in the Conglomerate Empire, are the members of the New World Order ... you just don't see it.

End the Make Money Game, orchestrate a Free Planet for yourselves, humanity.

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