Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Toyota Diji - the dream vs the reality

here's an insanely-upbeat marketing promo for the conceptual three-seater, the Toyota Diji.

the implication seems to be that you can, still hang on to that girlfriend from college even though you're now in a steady relationship with the girl who works in Tesco.

There's no mention of the slave network (living in abject poverty in the slums) that'll maintain these modern cities and highways; the system of electric recharge networks (which could be built into the roads and use 'induction' so it's not lethal to anyone on them). See, even I got distracted fixing stuff already. Oh, but there are no people out in the open, maybe they're all in their cars, grinning insanely about being on the move, or maybe they've all been CULLED. With only 500,000,000 people left to enjoy the global concert.

Maybe The City's been roboticised by now, and we know the Four Laws can be subverted for political/financial agendas. Maybe your job is to just loon about playing games at whose profit? Maybe there's a gun at your head and this is your death speech to camera, "I have always been a slave."


Maybe the idea is, "You need do nothing else in life but buy use our embed'd photo package via our exclusive deal with Apple to mock up funky car paint jobs all day. Buy our shit. Eat our mercury. Drink our fluoride."

The phrase 'WORLD, SHUT YOUR MOUTH' comes to mind.

And, as I've discussed elsewhere, this auto-matic-control lane is ONLY going to work when all the cars are Toyota Diji's or at least PRC or Private Road Compliant, so this is a fascist-dictatorship promo-tion about the destruction of the car industry i.e. the Free Market. Odd that wasn't mentioned by the plasticharacter'd spiel.

oh, it's just a car, with three digital panels on either side.

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