Saturday, April 14, 2012

Candy Jones sips tea with friends - mind controlled couriers R us?

this is a great story that starts with the case of Candy Jones who was sent of to meet with a guy for a 'cup of tea'.

Under interrogation, it turns out she'd indeed gone over there to enjoy this cup of tea, "Would you like One Sugar or Two Sugars?" While she's sipping her tea, her CIA contact puts her back into a trance with such "codewords" or a "phrase", gets a SECRET MESSAGE from her, then snaps her out of her trance before she got the flight home.

She knew nothing about any secret message she passed on, and would withstand any sort of code-breaking software; she's the Third Law-breaker-by-rote in the iRobot universe. We go on to listen to the story of "David Marrow" who appears (narratively, mentally and gesturally) a lot like Actor Arrenay I met in another post. It looks like these Project Monarch/Ultra/SurvivorVictims are always OVER ELABORATE, over insane, over embellished. I bet this guy has the same funny smell Actor Arrenay had, too.

I don't know if I believe (like Dave himself) his stories of ETA or Extra Terrestrial Abduction, even he talks about them in the context of MILAB Abduction, but I do like the way the dark indented wounds on his back (that one doctor says were chicknpox scars) give off signals picked up by a Radio Frequency Scanner.

He talks of being SUPER STRONG when necessary like the strange case I featured recently about suicidally motivated Sabine Eriksson and her equally-strange twin Ursula, he talks about throwing himself from a Hercules transporter without a parachute, Hulking Out and then describing a Dr Krause(!!!!) I'm thinking, "Is this the same Dr Krause mentioned in my recent Whitley Strieber COMMUNION ENIGMA book review for Scene360.

All these survivor stories are just sad. Really touchingly sad. The Corporate War Game done some bad things to his slave humans. Humans shouldn't be used like this by PROFIT MAKING ORGANISATIONS.

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