Sunday, April 15, 2012

clear blue skies over Oxford UK - eerily 'chemtrail' free

the early morning is USUALLY when the 'spraying' or 'permanent contrail' (call it what you think it might be) 'chemtrail effect' is the most noticable. And it happens most every day. Skylong white line after line. Criss cross patterns. Spreading white ooze. Dissipated loud cover ensues.

I saw ONE LONE EASYJET PLANE go over just now with no contrail, though it did seem lower than normal.

Remember, this has been going on ALL MORNING here in Oxford UK, i.e. GORGEOUS BLUE SKIES OVER SOUTHERN ENGLAND, yeah.

Apprehensive..... can't find any Icelandic Volcano plume alerts online, on TV.

Afternoon update: the Oxford skies remained EQUALLY cocaine-line free. Did see a jetliner in the sky with a normal length vapour trail. And that was it.

Evening update: a lovely sunset and a picture perfect sky. Wonders what's gone on.

The obvious summary from today's weirdness is a) the chemtrailers ran out of cash or b) that's the sky done, endgame imminent.

06:20 Day Later Update: I've just been outside on this glorious morning, fixing a bicycle. There's cloud in the west, so the air pressure supports 'moisture' today. Five commercial jetliners have gone through overhead. Not one of them had a contrail, never mind a 'persistent contrail', never mind a 'chemtrail'.

Some thing weird is afoot, fifty miles NW of London, with ninety days to go, in Olympic Year.


Mike said...

What I would like to know is have they stopped spraying for good, or did the UN just run out of money again? Last time this happened Obummer gave them a few trillion and it started back up, even worse than before...

Gobbledygook said...

They probably have to slot in a couple of clear days occasionally to boost the arguments of the masses whose heads would normally be buried in their iphones but when they do ever look up, consider that chemtrails are 'only people going on their 'olidays, innit'.

Dave from OZ said...

...and yet here in Sydney we have been smashed by them. by about 4:00pm everyday the sky is like a milky haze of bronze, and this has been happening for a month now. i visit the UK every year and have seen the same thing there, especially 2009. i vividly remember a lunch with my partner at Milford on Sea and watching the same planes circle overhead of a pub garden full of people - not a single person noticed anything. a thought occurred to me last night driving home, i thought i could see 2 suns, the 2nd one smaller and dimmer amongst the goo in the air. are they doing this to hide something?