Friday, April 13, 2012

Drop of propylene glycol levitating/distorting in an ultrasonic acoustic field.

I was listening to the Project Camelot interview with Ralph Ring from 2007, and he mentioned an experiment he performed in the fifties where he levitated a ping pong ball using "28,000 cycles" sound (above the range of human hearing).

I couldn't find footage of Ring's original experiment, which someone had allegedly replicated in the 1980's, but I did find these, using 30mhz(!). Real tasty.

Videos were acquired in the fluids laboratory of Dr. John R. Saylor, Dept. Mechanical Engineering, Clemson University.

Afternoon update:  so, that was interesting, but then I did a little more research and found THIS, the latest update from Search4TruthReality showing a mini-version of Ralph Ring and Otis T Carr's flying UFO which apparently works via concentrated mind control. I also love Ralph Ring's PATENT-FREE concept of distribution of 'the truth'. Aquamarine Dreams indeed.

As I've said before on Free Planet, I could really see this technology being used in the Floating Homes, peanut taxis and Floating Institute for Creativity, Passion and Kinship.

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