Saturday, April 14, 2012

FREE ENERGY for a FREE PLANET, part deux

around this time in 2010, I did a blogpost titled FREE ENERGY FOR A FREE PLANET that discussed a multitude of ways You The People could live on an UN-METERED GRID of free energy for a Free Planet.

I'm loathe to get into an in-depth study of the life and works of Nikola Tesla because a) he was just one inventor b) there are millions more like him out there and c) I'm not totally convinced his ideas were as 'workable' as he imagined, and by this I think, "Tesla still needs people to live in cramped cities" for his localised electrical transmissions to work effectively.

Though there is a lot I like about Tesla and have looked into one or two of his theories, I especially like the Tesla Turbine.

I think it's ONLY  A MATTER OF TIME before we all realise that a profit-based i.e. METERED energy system serves only one lord, the financier. And that's no longer the sort of Slave Planet we should all be living on. I want to see more organic technology that is powered DIRECTLY by sun power, by solar radiation, not necessarily by electricity (there's no proof that an em-wave-rich environment is good for any organic life).

To all the inventors out there in FREE ENERGY LAND, I ask this one simple question, "Will your inventions DO RIGHT BY a Free Planet?" will they have minimal impact on this delicate homeworld for generations to come? And by this I mean CUD or Construction, Use and Decommission.

"Custodians of the future, are you with me?"

Will 2012 be the year all patents are released into the public domain and REAL free energy powers the technological wonders of the future a re-wilded and re-generated Free Planet where Creativity, Passion and Kinship FREE TO ALL are the golden edicts?


Michael Francis said...

There's a lot of good information in "Thrive: What On Earth Will It Take?" about free energy. You can check it out here:

Mike Philbin said...

Dear Michael Francis,

while your advice SEEMS helpful (and I thank you for it), I've FEATURED the Thrive movie here on Free Planet since it first came out in November of 2011.

This is not the first time things I've already featured on Free Planet are suggested to me, there is a search window on this blog and I wish more people would use it BEFORE suggesting EXACTLY THAT TOPIC.

Thanks, and here's to a Free Planet future.

ore electric said...

the thing i cannot understand, as I run through these free energy blogs, is why does everybody want to come out of the box able to power a city.

ore electric said...