Monday, April 16, 2012

Free Planet - R.E.I.N.T.E.G.R.A.T.I.O.N. of the criminals, the animals, the slaves

I get loads of people going, "Mike, if we close all the prisons and let all the sexual freaks and psychopathic weirdos out, what are we going to do with them?"

To this I say REINTEGRATION, welcome them to a Free Planet - a place no one's experienced for two thousand years. Anything goes. Life is for living, not for fear and doubt.

Not only have we not experienced a FREE PLANET since before the Roman, Norman, Viking Invasions that raped and pillaged tribal life into a pre-industrial hellhole aka City Life, but we've been MADE TO FEEL GUILTY for every single thing that we are ever since.

Original Sin.
Nice flash car.
D.u.m.b. kids.

Loaded down with debt by finance.
Loaded down with doubt by psychology.
Loaded down with fear by government propaganda.

We've been AT WAR with our Global Controllers (for nigh on two thousand years) who want it all for themselves, and FUCK ALL for you. It's time they know that we know how life should be lived on a Free Planet. No more meters. No more taxes. Free energy. Free food, water, shelter.

It's time to release prisoners from all jails, zoos and factories. It's time to re-integrate all 'criminals' and 'animals' and 'workers' back into real life. No point PUNISHING the elites, or their attack dogs (the thugs of private armies and politics); they're nothing more than victims of a PROFIT-based arbitrary-rules Empire game of R.I.S.K.. These 'game players' (as insidious as their crimes may be) deserve re-integration back into the Diversities that will sprout from a Free Planet birth.

"DO RIGHT BY Free Planet," - let's global mantra this to public awareness!

"At least I'll live as I believe," this should be the THEME TUNE of FREE PLANET, "They can't take away my dignity."

I believe THE CHILDREN are our future, teach them well.

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