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Mike Phillbin - Free Planet - novelist

The FREE PLANET blog was something I started in 2004 as an infrequently-updated Alternative News mirror, sharing interests and news items that often (by a process of lazy osmosis) made their way into my novels.

Nowadays, Free Planet is updated rather more regularly, sometimes twice or three times a day - and only until recently, I had no idea that I was inadvertantly researching material for what would become the Free Planet novel.

Here are my most recently published novels:

2008: (Silverthought Press)

Bukkakeworld is the conscious evolution of the staid three-act narrative horror genre. It's a book about YOU, the corporate lackey, the indentured, the subordinate. Stuck in a job you cannot stomach, under a manager you want to annihilate, in a corporation that wants to grind you into nothing more than human grease to lubricate its inhuman profit-making machine. You are not alone.

The world is coming to an end, and the angels don't give a damn. Oxford, England: Marcus (who works part-time at the falafel kiosk in town) awakens to find a giant black and white bird at his window. He's sure that's what he sees: a giant bird with feathers that throb with sinister portent. He shakes himself awake and gets ready for work, unaware that his world no longer exists.

2011: (Chimericana Books)

There’s a mass murderer in the sleepy seaside town of Yôroppa who is listening to all the local gossip and using it to select his next victim. Only by keeping quiet can the inhabitants of the town hope to save themselves. Everyone is a suspect but, boy, can they gossip.

“Clarke” arrives in the coastal town of Tiamores at the suggestion of his boss who has a holiday home there. All is not well with Clarke but Tiamores itself hides weirder things. One of them is Fuentes.

2013: (publisher pending)

Whether you're aware of this or not, there's a Corporate War going on. A Grand Chess Game against You The People ensures that you remain slaves to the system. An elite group of Oxford's finest students have set themselves up as The Custodians to try to help You The People realise that (with the technological opportunities open to man) you should all be living on a Free Planet by now. But it's never that simple when you're trying to turn the NEED TO KNOW world on its head.

The full list of publications is available through Amazon's Mike Philbin profile page.

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Speaking of Owls, I had a rather interesting awaken dream recently. I had partaken of some hemp, my first time in over a decade. Two drags, and I was back in 1967. I headed to bed, since I felt that was the safest thing to do. While not yet asleep, an image appeared in my mind of a human-owl chimera. The visage looked rather like Mr. Soros, but with a more pronounced beak. The lower body seemed like the tufted legs of a raptor. This owl did not whistle an old Diana Ross song. It spoke, and told me that I was obsolete, and would soon be terminated in the culling to come. It said only those who are needed will be permitted to live, to serve those who will be gods. Perhaps I have read one NWO fright story too many.