Sunday, April 15, 2012

Patent Amnesty - Free Planet should mean FREE ENERGY investigation.

in the coming weeks, months, years, as part of my new PATENT AMNESTY series, I'm going to be featuring free energy devices and inventors.

Patent-released energy devices and technology are the basis upon which a Free Planet will thrive and rewild, that and proper education about the damage such devices and methodologies and social stigmas can do to the planet if not properly constructed with the health of the planet in mind.

DO RIGHT BY (free planet) will become the catch-phrase of this century on what will become a commerce-liberated world for our children's children.

As a starting point to this Patent Amnesty phase of my Free Planet investigation, here's a very interesting interview with David Adair, engineer of a MPFCE or Magnetic Plasma Fusion Containment Engine when he was seventeen years old who claims he was then brought into physical contact with a SYMBIOTIC ENGINE made of alloys like 'nothing on Earth' that would power a 'ship the size of a football stadium'.

According to Adair's "how I spent my summer vacation" testimony, what happpened with this symbiotic technology? The military try to back-engineer symbiotic protection/drive systems for F22-like future fighter jets and their missiles. They turned a good thing into a Corporate War thing. Bastardised a peaceful utility for FIRST STRIKE means. Fucking Corporate War morons. FUCKING MORONS.

Adair gets all his 'ideas' from consecutive dreams (which is how I got my HC Unit ideas); he also states he was part of the Steven Greer's Disclosure Project given at the National Press Club in 2001, but was prevented from testifying to the press at that time. Remember to watch this video all the way through to the Steve Lovekind ALIEN EMBLEMS/SERIAL NUMBERS material at 36:00 onward.

BONUS MATERIALS: here's a two-hour interview with David Adair from 1997 on the Art Bell Radio Show where he goes into how we've gotten ALL OUR MODERN CONNECTIVITY TECHNOLOGY from back-engineered alien technology. He talks of there being upwards of 75,000 TRANSFERS of technology such as disposable diapers and cellular/battery packs and A+E diagnosis boxes, teflon, kevlar, mylar, etc from the military/space field to the civil/commercial field. He talks of SUDDEN JUMP in tech, used for space tech before release to the public. What more they're keeping back, God only knows.

I love Adair's introductory term "basement bomber" for the reckless activities of some precocious kid making rocket fuel and plasma drives and such in his mom's house for shits and giggles.

Man, I wanna mind-drive my own SYMBIOTIC Peanut Taxi back to my own SYMBIOTIC Floating Home Diversityon a Free Planet.

Free the patents, free the planet from metered slavery.

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