Sunday, April 08, 2012


you know what I mean, iff commercially available pieces of manufactured technology like mobile phones and their APPs and laptops and and their OSs and kinect and their online stat-chompers and televisions and satnavs and refridgerators are to be used by The Governments of The World to SPY ON US, why should we be asked to PAY FOR them?

Doesn't this stuff come under the vague cognitive banner of MALICE AFORETHOUGHT? Where those Global Corporations, who willingly made their consumer goods hackable or traceable or otherwise surveillance friendly, were complicit in the 1984 scam all the way. Didn't they KNOW this was how their technology would be ultimately implemented? Couldn't they be taken to task on this fact?

Anway, aren't such global snooping technologies catered for by each Corporate District's National Security tax contributions, in the same way as CCTV and Police Arrests are already taken care of by such congtributions? Additionally, and as a short aside, I don't understand how You The People accept BUSINESSES are taxed on 'net' earnings (taking out all the costs of running that business) while WORKERS are taxed on 'gross' earnings (minus some pitiful concession (or 'tax allowance') that goes nowhere to paying all the running costs of the person who earned that money in the first place).

Has someone made an important global accounting error somewhere with this tech? Shouldn't all this shit be FREE, for the sake of our National Security? I mean, in case you didn't get this already, "Why should WE be asked to pay for OUR OWN SURVEILLANCE, when we already pay for such via our taxes?"

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