Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Times Rich List 2012 - NEW RECORD - coincides with second global recession

In March of 2011, I wrote the blogpost 'how many people have to suffer for each billionaire', and that in itself made for sad, SAD reading.

But it gets worse!

As evidenced by this year's 2012 Sunday Times Rich List results, as highlighted in today's Sunday Telegraph article 'Sunday Times Rich List 2012: Wealth of richest grows to record levels', and I quote:

The combined wealth of the 1,000 richest men and women in Britain has risen to record levels in the past year, despite the country’s continuing economic slump.

Their total fortune has risen by just under five per cent since 2011, to £414 billion, according to the latest Sunday Times Rich List.

That exceeds the previous record of £412.8 billion set in 2008, which came just a few months before the financial crash from which the wider British economy has yet to recover.

And did you see the OBVIOUS economic vindication there to my contention that EACH OF THE SUPER RICH is funded by the misery and suffering of thousands of normal people like you and I.

Did you see it?

If not, I'll point it out for you. The last time the 1,000 richest people in the UK had it so good was during 2008. What was so special about 2008? Well, it was the year the IWE or Integrated World Economy fell over the first time. While hundred of companies were being 'restructured' and millions of workers were being 'made redundant, laid off, sacked' or otherwise relegated to a miserable future, these fuckers, these parasites, these profit-monsters were literally RAKING IT IN.

BONUS MATERIALS: for me Comic Relief and such are like the band-aid on the exploded foot of a landmine victim. We need to stop planting land mines. We need to stop PROFIT-based Corporate War Games in support of the few who make it onto Rich Lists - even God knows this is supposed to be a Free Planet, where the FINITE RESOURCE of the world's riches are 'shared by everyone' by 'seven billion custodians' so that our planet can be 'preserved in perpituity'.

Just sending some 'celeb's to live in slums, don't cut it either.

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