Monday, April 16, 2012

The SUPER SOLDIER programme is currently in its fourth generation.

"The SUPER SOLDIER programme is currently in its fourth generation."

This phrase might be erroneous. In fact, it's likely this phrase is totally erroneous as no one has any real idea what generation such a programme might be at.  There may even no longer be a Super Soldier programme. There may never have been a so-called Super Soldier programme. You wouldn't know, and neither would I; it's not our NEED TO KNOW. But some ex-Super Soldiers (first generation, let's say, from the Vietnam War) are starting to realise they 'might' have been.

Duncan O'Finioan (part Cherokee, part Celt) is one of these such people coming forward, after thirty years of silence, with outlandish tales of institutionalised child-abuse MK Ultra-like personality splitting and assassination/psychic feats far beyond today's military trigger pullers.

Here's Duncan (in his last interview for a while) on the NIGHT WATCH RADIO SHOW alongside his 'tweened' Super Soldier partner, Axe.

and if you got through that, or even if you wanna watch this before that, here's Duncan O'Finioan on the Jessie Venture TruTV show Conspiracy Theory.

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