Thursday, May 03, 2012

Channel 4 News - Annie Machon talks about death of Gareth Williams

Channel 4 News' Cathy Newman is joined by the former Met murder squad's senior investigating officer Colin Sutton, the former chairman of the Intelligence and Security Committee, Kim Howells and in Germany the author and ex MI5 officer Annie Machon.

And remember, Foreign Secretary and First Secretary of State, William Hague signed a Public Interest Immunity order just before this inquest was to begin.

"Transparency needs forcing on some of these agencies," Annie Machon.

Scotland-based Government/Home Office researcher Andrew Wallace reckons he's 'joined some dots', his words, and suggests that the fact that Gareth's laptop is still missing, the fact that Gareth had just returned from USA hacker conference, that 'if the Iranians believe the UK developed STUXNET VIRUS to infect their nuclear power industry then both GCHQ and SIS (places where Gareth worked) would have been involved', points to a Russian or Iranian hit squad doing Gareth, via a plumbing/heating visit scenario.

And remember, such a classic ASSASSINATION SCENARIO BY UNDETECTABLE MEANS has already been fully depicted in the George Clooney film Michael Clayton (2007), they even discarded clothing and carried him to the bathroom.

Any d.n.a. evidence or fingerprints found at Gareth Williams' flat have to be considered suspicious. Setting up another agent/enemy is a classic tactic of Trade Craft.

Any intel group intent on a mischievous diversion in the corporate war game could weave a POLITICALLY BENEFICIAL SCENARIO around such a fertile, badly-managed and mysterious death as Gareth's.

You have been warned, this game is still running.

A lovely bit of geek-torial from our digital friends over at THE REGISTER who've just partaken of a good old grimace at the circuitry and computer magic 'missed' by SO15 while 'not really reporting anything of value to the Met' for TWO FUCKING YEARS. And I quote:

Forensic phone examiner DC Robert Burrows, of SO15 Counter Terrorism Command, told the inquest that he had found no record of the identity of Gareth’s date on the likely fateful night. But he did find a homemade phone video in which the shy intelligence officer had stripped, put on boots, bent over a chair and waggled his rear at the camera. 
Burrows and his colleagues who studied the Macs and iPhone appeared unfamiliar with Apple’s operating systems, and may not have realised what could be obtained by more sophisticated enquiries. He failed to mention iOS or any of its many features that could have revealed location-tracking geo-tags, address book contents and the phone's unique IMEI number - let alone any data passed to Apple and app makers.


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