Monday, May 21, 2012

Dr Karla Turner - ignoring Alien Propaganda will get you killed

USUAL FREE PLANET CAVEAT: you all realise that I'm NOT a big fan of the Alien Agenda. As far as I'm concerned, ALL alien abductions are military operations involving exotic drugs, ALL sightings of 'unidentified flying objects' are just experimental military prototypes, ALL animal mutilations are just to 'scare the shit out of you' so that you'll shut the fuck up.

HOWEVER: when ufologists or ufo-researchers like Dr Karla Turner start to die (very quickly) from rampant cancers at the age of 46, you can bet your ass I'm gonna start to get interested.

ALL THAT SAID: I'm about to feature ALIEN ABDUCTION and the ALIEN INTERACTION syndrome on Free Planet; just in case Dr Karla Turner's swift exit from the stage of life is 'relevant' to the enormity of this global farming phenomenon.

Full playlist of her final MUFON appearance before her death in 1996, below.

"Fantasy (like religion (like money (like country)), ed) refers to suppositions resting on NO SOLID GROUND. If we base our fears on fantasy, we're never going to find the truth." is a cracking closing comment from Dr Karla Turner's testimony.

Never believe your human experiences, don't listen to propaganda, you are a mere plaything of higher powers.


muzuzuzus said...

I am more wary of paranoia. being interested in mythology per se, I have looked at the patriarchal mythologies, including the present one--the so-called secular, and they all love to make us fear reality. For this one it is that nature is meaningless, 'only the strong survive' and 'red in tooth and claw'. For Christian mythology it was that ANY interaction with nature spirits was diabolical and could mean being persecuted by the Church, tortured and murdered and ..THEN everlasting damnation in Hell.

NOW with this shit the message is that these 'aliens' are taking on the same mantle as the supposed 'demons' before them.....See what I mean.

So you FEAR about the government doing this shit could be the very myth they want you to believe!

LyyvinHard said...

the reason the greys lied to that boy, the ones who see 10 dimensional and percieve the 11th like we do time and events. they lied to that boy because he would have developed technology that the aliens did not want human race to have or he would have made an impact or outcome they did not like, so they told him all these lies so he would not become educated. the reason they lie to us is because they can see the future, not just our future on our time path but all the variations of this reality so they can mold it to their will!