Saturday, June 09, 2012


I've been at this Free Planet promotional campaign for quite a while now and have been picking up very serious negative vibes. I don't understand this, "Surely a leaderless world of Creativity, Passion and Kinship would be a great world to be a part of?" But what do I know, I'm always having these terrible ideas and maybe there's soem glaring error in my Economic Model of a Free Planet that is just so glaring even I couldn't believe I'd overlook it.

Free Planet is NEVER MENTIONED, ANYWHERE, BY ANYONE ... isn't this queer, in the sense of odd?

Then I got to wondering, as a last resort, is it you, "Are YOU THE PEOPLE not just loathe to entertain or reluctant to consider this shit but are you actually (or acutely) AFRAID to promote the idea of a Free Planet," namely:
1) that PROFIT is the real criminal driver on this planet,
2) that RESOURCES are limited by default and acquired by the Corporate War Machine through private incursion into sovereign territory,
3) that FREEDOM comes at the behest of comfort for the few at the price of misery for the masses.

You The People, slaves of the CGG or Corporate Global Gulag, KNOW EXACTLY WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO YOU if you detract from the Understood Behaviour Patterns of good little sado-masochists for profit-generation.

It's like you're all cowering little piggies retreating to your respective 'properties' of varying quality or value in the hopes that the BIG BAD WOLF of this Free Planet awakening will not come huffing and puffing on the doors of your comfortable abodes and wake you up to the real reason you're all probably here on Planet Earth.

Suffice to say, that with the Free Planet novel being fundamentally anti-corporate and anti-propaganda and anti-slavery and anti-share-cropping in the context of YOU THE PEOPLE's access to the truth of HOW THIS WORLD WORKS, National Security, NTK or Need To Know, Corporate Espionage around the world, and your 'slave rights', I've done my bit.

Maybe the time has come for me to step back from the bulhorn and allow YOU THE PEOPLE to investigation into THE REAL FEAR you're feeling, as a race; the threat from the hierarchic Empire, the mind control you're suffering from, the absolute abusive horror that you're experiencing looking at anything that's (currently) outside your social remit.

This will probably be my last Free Planet-specific 'reminder' on this blog.


muzuzuzus said...

A thought occurred to me yesterday. I MUST have thunked it before, but sometimes thoughts and feelings sink in--have a dramatic effect. I thought how more and more people are now discovering how oppressed they really have been and continue to be. With the internet you can see this.
This very talented and intelligent young man shared a youtube video the other day where we see him watching a terrible video of a man being killed by a bunch of fat cukers who call them selves cops--fat toxic bags of shit is what they are. You see them all over this defenseless young man, tasering him, beating, crushing. H e is screaming "Dad Dad" as he is turtured to death. I have seen real films of fukin Nazis picking on people on the street where I didn't see this, though i am not saying they didn't of course. But the point--the young man watching this video said that NOW we are being able to see evil like this--what they get up to--because of mobile phones and the internet, and says imagine what they have been getting away with for so long, and this evil shit MUST stop. He is of course utterly upset, and angry, and this is natural human response.

So there is that, and we are seing all kinds of evil they are doing. More and more of us and now we arw waking up to things. What we going to do is the next question?

Mike Philbin said...

It's not EVIL, it's just Corproate Duty to protect and serve PROFIT.