Thursday, May 24, 2012

is THE INTERNET training us TO FORGET?

now, we've been hearing in recent years what an amazing thing the internet is, how it's literally  EXPANDING OUR BRAINS out into the digital data realm, as if we (the users) are somehow melding with our fellow internet users and sharing a GREATER MIND.

What a load of Relentless Marketing Spiel.

Everybody knows (especially those people who gave us the internet) that if you don't reinforce a learned behaviour or skill, the BRAIN WILL DROP IT. There's a pattern to learning reinforcement that relates to day, week, month, year for the really deep (ingrained) memories. A bit of trauma also helps memory but we'll talk about that later...

The brain, as a learning device, can't store everything.

So, what it does is it's constantly DROPPING LEARNING or de-prioritising or FREEING UP those paths in the brain that haven't been REINFORCED with either the repetition or the trauma of the learning.

It's like the brain is in CONSTANT DECAY, so that other stuff can sit in the place where NOW USELESS learning might have sat.

It's a very efficient system of learning, where we ONLY (seriously) RETAIN those things that we need to know about for our daily lives, you know like songs we're singing in choirs or maths tables we're using at school or "Hajimemashite, dozo yoroshiku" if we go abroad. If we no longer need it (or no longer force our brains to reinforce the learning) our brains will ruthlessly dump it.

Now, this is where we get to talk about WHAT THE INTERNET is doing to our brains.

Because the internet is there, like our VIRTUAL MEMORY SOURCE that we can access via boolean searches at a moment's notice (rather than 'thinking'), our brains are literally allowing the natural process of FORGETTING or path degeneration to continue unchecked.

To 'remember' all we tend to do is 'boolean operation' a search engine... this might seem like a really great thing, and on one level it is. Knowledge is power. And if all knowledge is out there for access, that's gotta be a good thing, right?

But on another level, our BRAINS ARE ALWAYS DETERIORATING (right?) or resetting unused paths as a part of their 'compression function'. If it's not used, discard it. Use the brain for something else.

Where our brains used to store nursery rhymes, we now have youtube.
Where our brains used to retain phone numbers, we now have phone lists.
Where our brains used to have memories, we now have the internet.

Is no-one else concerned about ALL OUR UNLEARNING? All our clearing out of our brains? All our once-basic memory dowon the toilet? And what's in its place?

CONSUMERISM and MARKETING and FALSE FLAG OPERATIONS for a Global Winner Takes All game of RISK against You The Gameplayer.

Or just plain zombification of the cerebellum where all higher functions are decrepitated in favour of basic gut instinct 3D War Simulation game playing, for example. The mouse-to-screen coordination that seemed great when we were all slaughtering each other in the fantasy game Quake but now seems a lot more ominous when we're all murdering each other in COD3 or MW3 or other hyper-realistic urban civil war sims where you can shoot bits off of people and machine gun their ragdoll all over the street while you learn how to laugh and enjoy that shit with your similarly BRAIN DAMAGED colleagues in the war against You The People.

Trauma and learning, look it up.

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muzuzuzus said...

"Where our brains used to store nursery rhymes, we now have youtube."

Hmm well I dont know about that, but I Do know that for me --apart from all its failing--the INVALUABLE thing about Youtube is the being able to explore all kinds of music from all times at the touch of a button.